This iOS app was an experimental, abstract puzzle game (released in 2009 - no longer updated for iOS).

[ R E V I E W S ]

"The simple ability to meditate, while in a crowded city bus, showed me how much Nano was truly worth. Due to that, as well as how much I actually liked the game, I am giving Nano five-out-of-five stars."

- Blogcritics Magazine

"Ever since I downloaded NANO, I have found myself playing it after a hard day of class. It has really become a sort of an electronic stress ball for me... 7.5/10 - Very good."

- Blast Magazine

"One of the most interesting features is the fact that this game is relaxing in all senses of the word. The particle colors are soothing and the sound track is phenomenal."

- CasualGamerChick.com

"What is wonderful about this game, if it can be called such, is that it is completely open to your interpretation and understanding of the process....the path is more about the experience rather than the actual achievement. The game is playable without the instructions by pure desire to guide particles to nodes and by doing so generate visual effects and sound."

- CreativeApplications.net

"Adrian has differentiated himself by bridging two talents to create an experience that few artists can compete with or even conceive of."

- WeAreListening.org